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Hot EL Lighting EL Panel AD Lamp

Model No.︰HNR 0957
Brand Name︰HNR 0957
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Any color, any design, any shape, any size, any quantity, any animated style, all is available.

Full color in the surface and back: Any colors you like
Animated design: Can do for your logo, any design is available
Operation range: 60-180V
Optimum operating voltage: 110V
Operating frequency range: 400-1000V
Optimum operating frequency: 800Hz
Power consumption: 3.5 milliwatt / sq cm
Static capacitance: 0.4 nf / sq cm
Half-luminance time: 8000 hours (100V, 400Hz)
Screen thickness: <0.45 mm (with protective layer)
                                <0.25 mm (without protective layer)
Working temperature: -10 to +60 degree centigrade
Relative humidity: 90%
Uneven brightness: <5%
City Light Bus Stop Pillar EL Panel Flashing Advertising Flowing AD signs Poster New EL Glowing Panel Advertising For Cab EL Taxi Light Box AD New EL Glowing Panel Taxi Cab Advertising Animation Rental Car ADS Hot EL Panel Light Up Vinyl EL Lighting Advertising Vinyl EL BACARDI Lighting Up Foil EL Panel Light Box Advertising Signs GET27 PIPPER MINT EL Advertising Sign EL Glowing Pop ADS EXTREME EL Lighting Wall Mount Signs Animation Light Up DisplayEL Lighting Advertising For Bus Media Animation Bus AD SignsEL Lighting Bus Advertising Media Animation Bus AD Signs EL Lighting Bus Media Advertising Animation Bus Transit Advertising ( HNR 0933 ) Hot Electroluminescent Panel China Manufacturer Outdoor Lightings ( HNR 0934 ) EL Flashing Advertisement Sign ( HNR 0936 ) EL Material ( HNR 0937 ) Hot EL Panel For Signs ( HNR 0938 ) New EL Lighting Outdoor Signs ( HNR 0939 ) EL Panel Flashing Business Signs ( HNR 0940 ) EL Light ( HNR 0941) EL Flashing Advertising Signs ( HNR 0942) Spider Man EL Flashing Movie Poster ( HNR 0943) Batman Movie EL Flashing Poster ( HNR 0944 ) Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Film Poster EL Flashing Film Poster Animation Film Poster( HNR 0945 ) EL Banner ( HNR 0946 ) Hot EL Banner Flashing AD Banner Vinyl Banner  ( HNR 0947 ) YENI RAKI EL Flashing Banner Advertisement Banner AD  ( HNR 0948 ) Hot Christmas Lighting EL Light ( HNR 0949 ) Electroluminescent ( HNR 0950 ) EL Poster  ( HNR 0951 ) EL Sheet ( HNR 0953 ) EL Sign ( HNR 0954 ) ron botran HOT Flashing EL Foil ( HNR 0955 ) EL Advertising Light Box ( HNR 0956 ) Hot EL Lighting ( HNR 0957 )

The Advantages of EL Advertising Poster:
1. Extra save electric power, short-wave lighting, no radiation, bright and remarkable in the night, which can attract the passengers;
2. The capacity of focusing light is strong. The distance may be very far but strong attraction;
3. Extra-thin, light. It's easy to manufacture and put in use and save engineering cost, upgrading the human resources and efficiency;
4. As it's easy to be equipped, it has strong scattering capacity and AD mobilization;
5. With its novelty and attraction, it can get effect of ad or expected;
6. EL can be made by the clients' needs. And we can produce EL product of different dimension and shape you want;
7. Besides making continuous light and flash function, it also can be made soft dimming or multisection flash mode.


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Contact Person: Mr. Albert Cheng,   24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780

Email:  elproducts88@gmail.com,     MSN:   elproducts@hotmail.com

Yahoo: elproducts@ymail.com,        Skype: cnelproducts

Complaint: info@elproducts88.com, info@elwire-elpanel.com

Web: http://www.elproducts88.com

Payment Terms︰T/T
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