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EL Blinking Eyes EL Panel Flashing Gift

Model No.︰HNR 00122
Brand Name︰HNR 00122
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰-
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Product Description
EL flashing window cling is made by EL flashing panel. It is popular for the decoration on house, celebrating, the festival, Christmas, Birthday party some clubs and vehicle etc. EL window cling could be any size, any design, any shape, any color, all is from your request. Small size is power by battery ( 4AAA battery or 3.7 V lithium cell ) , and the large size will be AC power supply ( 110 V-240 V ) or solar power, or the battery group ( not convenient ). It is a kind of green product, with lower consumption, only a few watt per sq meter. And EL flashing window cling is easy to install, there is double-sided adhesive on the back of el panel, to stick it on the window, on the wall or on the car, that is all. EL Blinking Eyes ( HNR 00122 )

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Payment Terms︰T/T
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