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EL Flashing Safety Vest 


EL flashing safety vest, luminscent police vest, it is electroluminescent technology to brightness; installing easily and conveniently; no heat, low power and safety; no x-rays. No ultra-violet light as an environmental green products; high visiable, within 200 meters for warning at night; the LOGO (EL sheet) and wire etc. The vest could be detachable, and the driver is waterproof. It could be washed. It is a better products than before.

The el safety vest, Alot Tech Limited has an excellent experience for producing, to have EN 471 standard, Europe style. The vest included EL flashing signs "POLICE" ( any LOGO or design, custom design is available ), 2 pcs EL stripe, 1 pcs EL lighting arrow and 1 pcs inverter. The inverter is 6 V , 4 AAA battery or 3.7V, lithium cell, they are chargeable by cigarette tip in car or charger. EL safety vest could put any custom LOGO on it, such as "POLICE", "SECURITY", "STEWARD", "SERVICE", "FIRE", "JCB", "AA", "RAC", or your company LOGO and company name. It could be any color, any shapes.


Contact Person: Albert Cheng,   24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780

Email:  elproducts88@gmail.com,     MSN:   elproducts@hotmail.com

Yahoo: elproducts@ymail.com,        Skype: cnelproducts

info@elproducts88.com,   info@elwire-elpanel.com

Web: http://www.elproducts88.com



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