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EL Flashing Car Sign 

EL Flashing Car Sticker
       EL flashing car sticker is one of application for EL panel. To stick the EL panel on your own car, the flashing design could be your company LOGO, lovely cartoon, caution words, brand of car, popular AD signs, promotional information, business contact details etc. It could be any size, any design, any color, any animated sequences.


Contact Person: Albert Cheng

24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780

Email:  elproducts88@gmail.com

MSN:   elproducts@hotmail.com

Yahoo: elproducts@ymail.com

Skype: cnelproducts

Complaint: info@elproducts88.com,  

Web: http://www.elproducts88.comhttp://www.elwire-elpanel.com


    12 VDC connect to the car power supply, very lower consumption, and easy to install. Alot tech limited produce the very small noise inverters for EL flashing car sign, and lower heat.Normally is sticking on the back window of car. But it also could stick to any place of car as you like. It is a very cool personality products. Order procedure: send art work design; make animated GIF picture for confirmation; confirmed the animated GIF; do the payment; start production; send out the goods after finished.

      The thickness of EL flashing car sign is about 0.3 - 0.8 mm, easy to transport and set up. The half-life time is more than 6000 hours, and the life time is more than 20000 hours. It is high anti-pressure products, if something presure without damages. The flexible and cuttable EL car sign could make any shapes you want, such as round, square, a car, a plane, a face.

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