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EL Panel Advertisement 


    The most common EL devices are either powder (primarily used in lighting applications) or thin film (for information displays.)


    Electroluminescent automotive instrument panel backlighting, with each gauge pointer also an individual light source, entered production on 1960 Chrysler and Imperial passenger cars, and was continued successfully on several Chrysler vehicles through 1967.

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    Sylvania Lighting Division in Salem and Danvers, MA, produced and marketed an EL night lamp (right), under the trade name Panelescent at roughly the same time that the Chrysler instrument panels entered production. These lamps have proven incredibly reliable, with some samples known to be still functional after nearly 50 years of continuous operation. Later in the 1960s Sylvania's Electronic Systems Division in Needham, MA, developed and manufactured several instruments for the Apollo Lunar Lander and Command Module using electroluminescent display panels manufactured by the Electronic Tube Division of Sylvania at Emporium, PA. Raytheon, Sudbury, MA, manufactured the Apollo guidance computer which used a Sylvania electroluminescent display panel as part of its display-keyboard interface (DSKY).


The World's First Electroluminescent Billboard Campaign

    Powder phosphor-based electroluminescent panels are frequently used as backlights to liquid crystal displays. They readily provide a gentle, even illumination to the entire display while consuming relatively little electric power.  This makes them convenient for battery-operated devices such as pagers, wristwatches, and computer-controlled thermostats and their gentle green-cyan glow is a common sight in the technological world. They do, however, require relatively high voltage (between 60 and 600 volts). For battery-operated devices, this voltage must be generated by a converter circuit within the device; this converter often makes an audible whine or siren sound while the backlight is activated. For line-voltage operated devices, it may be supplied directly from the power line. Electroluminescent nightlights operate in this fashion. Brightness per unit area increases with increased voltage and frequency.

Green Products EL Flashing 3D AD Poster

    The thin film phosphor electroluminescence was first commercialized during the 1980s by Sharp Corporation in Japan, Finlux (Oy Lohja Ab) in Finland, and Planar Systems in the USA. Here, bright, long life light emission is achieved in thin film yellow-emitting manganese-doped zinc sulfide material. Displays using this technology were manufactured for medical and vehicle applications where ruggedness and wide viewing angles were crucial, and liquid crystal displays were not well developed. In 1992 Timex introduced its Indiglo EL display on some watches.

    The blue, red, and green emitting thin film electroluminescent materials have been developed that offer the potential for long life and full color electroluminescent displays.

    In either case, the EL material must be enclosed between two electrodes and at least one electrode must be transparent to allow the escape of the produced light. Glass coated with indium oxide or tin oxide is commonly used as the front (transparent) electrode while the back electrode is coated with reflective metal. Additionally, other transparent conducting materials, such as carbon nanotube coatings or PEDOT can be used as the front electrode.

     Our EL lamps are flexible, thin, light, and cold illumination source, that can be cut into any desired shape for lighting LCD displays, aircraft instrument panels, architectural accents, advertising signage, and special effects for theaters, studios and sports stadiums: 1) Various shapes; 2)Broad visual angel, plane solid light source, which no other lamps can compare with them; 3) Super-thin and flat, they're thin as 0.18mm; 4) Flexible and can be fabricated to any shape as you design; 5) Strength in shock proof EL lamps are shockproof; 6) Soft and stable; 7) Low power waste it can work with very low power consumption; 8) No heat emitted; 9) Long lift cycle the lasting lighting time can be up to 25000hours.

The Advantage Of EL Poster:
1. Extra save electric power, short-wave lighting, no radiation, bright and remarkable in the night, which can attract the passengers;
2. The capacity of focusing light is strong. The distance may be very far but strong attraction;
3. Extra-thin, light. It's easy to manufacture and put in use and save engineering cost, upgrading the human resources and efficiency;
4. As it's easy to be equipped, it has strong scattering capacity and AD mobilization;
5. With its novelty and attraction, it can get effect of ad or expected;
6. EL can be made by the clients' needs. And we can produce EL product of different dimension and shape you want;
7. Besides making continuous light and flash function, it also can be made soft dimming or multisection flash mode.
8.  Any design, any color, any shape, any size, any animated style, is available.

So we can meet different customers' requirements.

EL Panel Advertising
EL Panel Advertising
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BACARDI EL Cold Light Poster
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BACARDI Night Club EL Light Up AD Poster
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