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EL Light Stage Costumes 


Contact Person: Albert Cheng,   24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780

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EL Suite EL Wire
EL Suite EL Wire
Glowing Trousers EL Wire Lighting
Glowing Trousers EL Wire Lighting
EL Cold Light Garment
EL Cold Light Garment
EL Lighting Stage Cosplay
EL Lighting Stage Cosplay
Electroluminescent Lighting For Convert Performance
Top Quality Chasing EL Wire for Costumes
The Best Chasing EL Wire TOP Brightness
TOP Quality Chasing EL Wire for EL Suite
EL Inverter for Costumes power by 4 AAA
EL Inverter Special for Costumes
EL Inverter for Costumes with High Quality EL Wire
EL Wire Inverter Remote EL Inverter
Cuttabel EL Panel for Cosplay Costumes for EL Suite

EL inverter special for flashing costumes, small size ( close to the size of cigarette box ) and light weight, no need extra battery box, it is the best option for dancin costumes or party show.  The size is 8.5 ( L ) * 5.5 ( W ) * 2.5 ( H ) cm, with clip ( easy to clip on the belt ), power by 4 AAA battery, the weight is about 0.1 KG ( include the battery ). There are the list of all the items with different flashing models:

AL-T2-1, constant / off, push switch
AL-T2-2, constant / off, press switch
AL-T2-3, constant / fast flashing / slow flashing / off, press switch
AL-T2-4, control the flashing function freely, press switch
AL-T2-5, custom programming / off, push switch
AL-T2-6, custom programming 1 / off / custom programming 2 , push switch

Much stronger power inverter:
AL-T6, 12VDC inverter + 1 pcs 8 AA batteries box

AL-T6-1, constant / off,  no switch
AL-T6-2, constant / off, button switch
AL-T6-3, constant / fast flash / slow flash / off, wireless reomote control

More function inverter:
AL-T7, power by 9VDC,
constant / flashing / off  + adjust flashing speed and dimmer function


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