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New Products 


Contact Person: Albert Cheng,   24 hours hotline: +86-15889603780

Email:  elproducts88@gmail.com,     MSN:   elproducts@hotmail.com

Yahoo: elproducts@ymail.com,        Skype: cnelproducts

info@elproducts88.com,   info@elwire-elpanel.com

Web: http://www.elproducts88.com


Top Brightness Chasing EL Wire
TOP Lighting Chasing EL Wire in the World
NEW EL Running Lighting EL Wire
Inverter of Chasing EL Wire Control Chasing Speed freely & Adjust Chasing in/out

Product Description


New products chasing EL wire from alot tech limited, the lighting of EL wire light up as trotting horse lamp, the lighting is on moving.....super cool!!!!

We have two quality level of chasing EL wire:

1) Standard quality:
Dia= 2.0mm
Lighting colors: lime, light-blue on / white off; red; blue-green on / white off; orange; white; purple; blue

2) High quality ( top quality chasing EL wire in the world ):
Dia=3.0 mm, Lighting colors: lime, light-blue on / white off; red; blue-green on / white off; orange; white; purple; blue; 3 colors in one

( 3 colors-in-1 chasing EL wire is available; MOQ 200 meters, customized color is available )

3) Inverter
1/ light up 1-10 meters, power by 2 AA battery, ( control frequency of chasing )

function: constant / chasing / off, adjust chasing speed freely + adjust chasing direction (chasing in / chasing out )

2/ light up 1-20 meters, power by 4 AAA battery, chasing / off

3/ light up 1-60 meters, power by 12VDC, chasing / off

4/ light up 1-60 meters, power by 12VDC or 100-240V AC, chasing / off + adjust chasing speed ( control frequency  of chasing )

5/ light up 1-100 meters, power by 220V AC, chasing / off

For more longer chasing wire, please contact our sales deparment: info@elwire-elpanel.com

       EL chasing wire is our new extended product that made based on the EL wire, and the work principle is the same as the EL wire which is a physical change principle of a high-efficiency electroluminescence emitted through the bound, change, and compound of the electronic energy level that is caused by the fluorescent substance (ZnS) striking with the electron inspired at the AC (or DC ) electric field which is generated through the AC (or DC ) voltage from the attached two poles.  Easy to understand, EL chasing wire is made by various ordinary EL wire, various EL wire core mix together and inside one PVC skin.

        Chasing EL wire is a kind of spot flowing status which make up the EL wire’s defect (constant, flashing or programming flashing ) in the aspect of light source, because the ordinary EL wire only has the single light source. And chasing EL wire is more saving and durable .Therefore, the Light-Chasing EL wire could be more attractive performance than the ordinary EL wire.

Life time:
Standard quality: half life time: 3000 hours, whole life time is more than 10000 hours

High quality: half life time: 8000 hours, whole life time is more than 20000 hours

Max Length: 100 meter for one strip; various short wire without limited length, for example, 500 pcs 2 meters EL chasing wire.

EL chasing wire drive could be power by both DC and AC depends on the length of wire. Because different Chasing EL wire has different frequency and consumption. If you need more information, please contact us sales department. Thank you!

Alot tech limited developed a new products----wireless Electroluminescent flashing panel, to match the flashing shirt, equalizer shirt. The same products, new idea, more conveninet, more attractive, to show the charming.

Wireless electroluminescent flashing panel, there are two items: HNR-2011WS-001, first one is power by 3 AAA battery, and the optional parts---USB cable could be power supply; HNR-2011WS-002, sencond one is power by  3.7V DC li-ion battery, and USB cable could charge the li-ion battery.

Wireless Flashing EL panel, the customers don't need to buy the black shirt from us. That wireless flashing EL panel, the customer could put it on the POLO shirt, bag, skirt etc. More charming....

Welcome to contact our sales to get more information. Thank you!


New High Quality Wireless EL Wire Flashing Sunglasses
New High Quality Wireless EL Wire Flashing Sunglasses
       Wireless time of Electroluminescent is coming! New arrival wireless EL Wire Flashing Sunglasses, power by 2 pcs AG13 button battery, made by high quality and the best EL wire in the world. Four colors are available: blue, pink, orange, lime. No wire, the battery box has included in the frame. 
       Old style EL wire flashing sunglasses, power by 2 pcs AA batteries or 2 pcs AAA batteries. The battery box come out with a wire connect to the EL wire, the user could attach the battery box to the belt.
EL Wire  USB Lighting Charger for IPHONE Top Quality in the World

Top Lighting Chasing Visible Micro USB Charger, top quality flowing lighting charger in the world, 3 colors in 1, discolor

The colors are:

Blue + Orange + Pink

Blue + Pink + Blue green

Blue + Lime green + Pink

Blue + Orange + Blue green

Orange + Pink + Blue green

Lime green + Orange + Pink

Blue + Lime green + Orange

Blue + Lime green + Blue green

Lime green + Pink + Blue green

Lime green + Orange + Blue green

 Length: 90 cm

EL Panel Cuttable EL Backlight Top Quality ( New Version )

NEW VERSION EL panel, cuttable EL panel, it could be cut into more than 4 pcs smaller size EL panel, even 10 pcs or more.

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